Wellness by Neigborhood

The unique histories of Chicago's neighborhoods have produced different community spaces where residents gather to purchase products and discuss methods for healing illness. Below you can explore some of the neighborhoods we've researched.

The American Indian Center is the oldest urban gathering place for American Indians in the United States.
Chinatown's stores bustle with activity, from the tinkling of doorway bells to the sound of chatting customers.
Home to significant numbers of Orthodox Jews, Armenians, and Indians, Devon has witnessed many waves of immigration.
Humbolt Park is made up of significant Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Black populations.
At Merz Apothecary, Lincoln Square's European roots meld with the story of newer Asian immigrants.
Pilsen is a historic neighborhood representing generations of Mexican-American heritage, art, activism, and healing.
The research garden has many plants that have made medical history.

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