Located about an hour south of downtown Chicago, the Pembroke Township in Kankakee, IL is a rural African-American community that is home to rich biodiversity and culture with a long-standing tradition in agriculture.  Though Pembroke has always been known for its incredibly diverse wildlife, there is currently no plan in place to ensure its protection. Various conservation agencies have interest in acquiring land, but no formal understanding existed between the residents and the agencies to determine what is best.  In recent years, conservation land acquisition has become a pressing issue, along with other concerns such as opportunities for youth and threats to the environment.  The Field Museum engaged the community in a process to find out what is important for both the land and the people by trying to link environmental conservation with human well-being.  In spring of 2016, we led residents through a structured process to determine what well-being and sustainability mean within the community.  We helped residents draw upon their core values and community strengths to develop recommendations to improve quality of life and access to natural areas through various community and youth focused programs.

Kankakee Wildlife

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