• Immigrated in 1997 to live with family in Chicago
  • Immigration experience: Learning how diverse the communities are in Chicago, process of discovering different types of foods available in markets
  • Diet and nutrition: Knowledge of herbs used in soups and teas, blending ingredients found in American markets into her cooking, eating a lot of vegetables, rice, and a little meat




  • Second generation Chinese-American living in Chinatown Chicago
  • Asian American Experience: Learning about Chinese medicine and cuisine through her mother and grandmother, learning about the intersection of health, wellness, and culture through her public health studies, hopes to work in the community health sector in the future
  • Diet and Nutrition: Eats a lot of vegetables and drinking soups, maintains low fat and low sodium in foods, tries to minimize eating take out and fast foods




  • Second generation Chinese-American, pre-medicine college student
  • Asian American Experience: Knowledge of herbs and Chinese medicine from watching her grandmother make herbal soups, comparing and contrasting family’s food culture in Chicago and relatives’ food culture in China, interested in approaching medicine from a multidisciplinary background
  • Diet and Nutrition: Eats a lot of vegetables, low sodium and fat in foods, makes herbal soups once a week


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