Mamta and Kavia


  • Mamta and Kavia are sisters that live together in Hyde Park. Mamta has lived in Chicago for 20 years and Kavia has lived in Chicago for 21 years. They immigrated in the 1980’s from Gujurat, India.
  • Mamta pursued a medical certification program and residency in internal medicine and a masters degree in sports medicine. Kavia pursued a PhD in biochemistry in Akron, Ohio. As a graduate student, Kavia’s first roommate was one of the interviewers’ mother.



  • Immigrated to the United States in 1985 to obtain a Masters degree in Urban Planning, and currently works as an architect
  • Immigration experience: Adjusting to the food and the weather differences, finding Indian vegetables and spices through the help of Indian classmates
  • Diet and nutrition: Learned different cooking styles and regional variations of Indian cooking through her roommates, became more conscious of health when learning about obesity trends and diabetes risk during pregnancy.


Anand's Family


  • Anand and Ashwini are second generation Indian-American living with their parents, Murugan and Rajeshwari, in Schaumburg.
  • Immigrant Experience:  Although they faced some difficulties at school with their food restrictions, Anand and Ashwini are learning and following the dietary practices of their parents more as time goes on.
  • Diet and Nutrition: They are strict vegetarians that emphasize consuming diverse vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices.


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